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Richie Greenberg is your Mayor with A New Vision. Vote Election Day this June 5th, 2018.

Richie is the candidate best capable to address the issues important to all San Francisco citizens, young and old, of all backgrounds, abilities, faiths and cultures.

Richie Greenberg was born in New York City, grew up on Long Island, moved to Los Angeles for college, then settled in San Francisco in 2001. Richie went to public schools, elementary through high school. He primarily rides public transportation across the City. He also has a motorcycle license as well.

Richie also has a natural passion for cultures and languages, and has studied (and speaks) Spanish, French, Hebrew and some German. He has traveled frequently to Europe, Mexico City and Israel, as well as Singapore, India and Japan- among other locales, leading to a deep understanding of lifestyles, business practices and norms of other societies besides our own.

A product of a diverse family, Richie's cousins and In-laws range in age from newborns to the 90's, who live here in San Francisco Bay Area, as well as Los Angeles, Detroit, New York, Florida, Texas, New Orleans, Paris, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Richie's professional career began in 1989 with his obtaining of a California Income Tax service license, where he operated a Sole Practitioner Tax and Payroll service from 1989 through 2001. Richie then moved to San Francisco, concentrating on working with individuals as a business advisor and consultant. To date, he has been instrumental in helping to launch hundreds of new companies and over 200 nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as serving over 1,500 clients with a variety of business needs.


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