Richie Greenberg leads the San Francisco movement for change.

  San Francisco, it's time for a real change
at City Hall

I'm Richie Greenberg, and I say it's been far too long that San Francisco's politicians and their detrimental policies have pushed our city to the brink, gaining the attention of national media. We truly cannot reach any goal of meaningful change without the support of each and every one of you.

The momentum has started, San Franciscan's attitudes are changing steadily with each day. Our citizens are awakening, realizing how we have suffered from literally decades of disastrous socialist policies and bad city hall leadership.

On such important issues facing our city, we will fight to:

  • Combat the increasing cost of living
  • Declare a State of Emergency on Homelessness
  • Provide the best public school education
  • Install accountability in City Hall
  • Oppose Sanctuary City
  • Stop small businesses and homeowners' high taxes
  • Oppose drug Injection Sites

We have work to do, San Francisco. Let's roll up our sleeves, onward and upward!

Richie Greenberg
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Richie Greenberg with SF GOP delegates at an Election Day party June 2018

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