Richie Greenberg

Richie's Vision for San Francisco                  


My goals and vision for San Francisco, and how I will achieve them, take into account the well-being and Quality of Life for our city's citizens. I will stop big government waste and will prudently spend money as if it were my own. The cycle of career politicians who jump from job to job endlessly are causing stagnation and ineffective policies with no end in sight.

Our failing infrastructure is in dire need of fixing. From aging transportation fleet to potholes, to traffic congestion, to dirty streets and pedestrian safety, when elected mayor, I will direct increased funding to alleviate all this and more.

I fully support our San Fransisco Police Department, and demand we increase officer hiring, training, equip them with tasers, and ensure the level of cops on the beat is at the full 1,971 officers. As your mayor, I will also seek to amend our city's charter to enlist a higher, more realistic 2,200 officers. SFPD is greatly overwhelmed and understaffed. Our District Attorney's office is overwhelmed and underfunded. And so the conviction rate of criminals remains is unacceptably low.

As your mayor, I will undertake a comprehensive review of our emergency preparation for when the next disaster hits, natural or otherwise. And I will demand a reinstatement of the Joint Terrorism Task Force agreement (JTTF), to ensure our city does its best to protect our residents. San Francisco ranks as one of the top 5 terrorist targets in the Unite States. Current leadership exposes the city to danger, simply because they wish to sever ties to federal government agencies. This must be reversed and communications and coordination with FBI and other agencies restored immediately.

We are obviously losing on Homelessness issue. Any fix will require hard work and tough decisions. No answer will be easy. As mayor, I will cease the incentives attracting those homeless from other cities to move here for free handouts. Nearly 30% of the estimated 7,300 homeless individuals in San Francisco found their way here from somewhere else. And a priority will be comprehensive review and performance audit of each and every homeless outreach agency. Our city will not have a homelessness industry. We have got to stop throwing taxpayers money at issues in hopes they go away. I will demand everything possible to get our streets cleaned up, including a city works program to clean the streets, for city beautification, and help those in need pick themselves up and get into housing.

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